Airport Parking

Lethbridge Airport Parking Map

Lethbridge Airport offers a range of car parking options that are perfectly suited to your needs.  There are Short and Long Term areas to cater for travellers and visitors alike.

Accessible car parking spaces are located in all parking areas with easy access to the main terminal door.

Short Term (Meter) Parking

Rates for Short Term (Meter) parking are:

  • $0.25 for 15 minutes
  • $1.00 for 60 minutes
  • 2 hour limit

Long Term Parking

Parking must be prepaid before boarding your flight.  The parking machine is located in the main terminal.

Parking Fee Structure:

  • $8.00 per 24 hour period (G.S.T. included)

Parking Payment Options:

  • VISA, Master Card, Cash
  • ATM available (Mr. Cash)
  • Change machine available

NOTE: If parking has NOT been paid in 7 days from leaving the parking lot, and additional surcharge of $25.00 will be applied.

Integra Air Parking

Integra Air provides complementary parking to all passengers flying with them.  Please ensure you are parked in a designated Integra Air stall and that you sign your vehicle in at the checkin counter.  The parking area is clearly marked with a red Integra Air Parking sign.

Integra Air will not be responsible for any costs incurred by parking in other areas of the Lethbridge Airport.

Rental Parking

If occupied, returning rent-a-car vehicles should be left in the CAR RENTAL RETURNS parking area in a space signed for the company you have leased with.

Curb Parking

Spaces are reserved at the arrivals door for the licenced taxi operator and licenced tour operators.